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1 the act of removing; "he had surgery for the removal of a malignancy" [syn: remotion]
2 dismissal from office

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remove + -al


  1. The process of moving, or the fact of being removed
  2. The relocation of a business etc
  3. The dismissal of someone from office
  4. (Ireland) a funeral ceremony involving prayers and meeting of the family, usually at the home of the deceased, and normally held on the evening prior to burial.


The process of moving, or the fact of being removed
The relocation of a business etc
The dismissal of someone from office
a funeral ceremony

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Doppler effect, abandonment, ablation, abrasion, abstraction, alienation, amotion, amputation, anastomotic operation, assassination, avulsion, baring, bloodless operation, bloody murder, booting out, bumping-off, capital operation, cashiering, castaway, castoff, catharsis, cleaning out, cleansing, clearance, clearing, compensating operation, conge, corneal transplant, crescent operation, cutting out, decampment, deconsecration, deduction, deep six, defecation, defenestration, defrocking, deliverance, delocalization, denudation, departure, depletion, deportation, deposal, deposition, deprivation, deracination, desquamation, detachment, dethronement, detrusion, disarrangement, disarticulation, disassociation, disbarment, disbarring, discard, discarding, discharge, discharging cargo, disconnectedness, disconnection, discontinuity, discrownment, disemployment, disengagement, disentanglement, disenthronement, disjointing, disjunction, dislocation, dismissal, displacement, displacing, disposal, disposition, disunion, divestment, division, divorce, divorcement, drainage, draining, drawing, drawing out, dredging, drilling, drumming out, dumping, egress, ejection, ejectment, elective operation, elimination, emergency operation, emotional release, emptying, enucleation, eradication, erosion, escape, evacuation, evolvement, evulsion, excavation, excision, excommunication, excoriation, excretion, execution, exfoliation, exhausting, exhaustion, exhibitionism, exile, exit, exodus, expatriation, exploratory operation, exposure, expression, expulsion, exsection, extermination, extirpation, extraction, extrication, extrusion, fenestration operation, firing, flight, forced resignation, forced separation, forcible shift, foul play, freeing, furloughing, getaway, going, heart transplant, hegira, heterotopia, homicide, impeachment, incoherence, indecent exposure, intermission, interval operation, isolation, jettison, junking, kicking downstairs, kicking upstairs, kidney transplant, killing, laying bare, layoff, leaving, liquidation, luxation, major operation, manslaughter, massacre, mining, minor operation, move, movement, moving, murder, obtrusion, off-loading, operation, organ transplant, organ transplantation, ostracism, ouster, ousting, outlawing, outlawry, overthrow, overthrowal, palliative operation, parting, partition, passing, pensioning off, pink slip, pressing out, pulling, purgation, purge, purging, purification, quarrying, radical operation, red shift, refinement, refuse, reject, rejectamenta, rejection, release, relocation, remotion, removement, reprieve, resection, respite, retirement, retreat, riddance, ripping out, sacking, scrapping, section, segmentation, separation, separatism, severance, shift, shifting, slaughter, slaying, squeezing out, stripping, subdivision, subduction, sublation, subtraction, superannuation, surcease, surgical intervention, surgical operation, surgical technique, surplusing, suspension, taking away, the ax, the boot, the bounce, the gate, the knife, the sack, throwaway, throwing out, thuggee, thuggery, thuggism, ticket, transfer, transference, transferral, transplant, unchurching, uncovering, unfrocking, unhinging, unjointing, unloading, unrooting, unseating, uprooting, venting, voidance, voiding, walking papers, walkout, wasting, withdrawal, wresting out, zoning
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